SHS Hinge System

Get the quiet house you deserve.
We offer the most complete and 

comprehensive residential applications globally.

Our patent hinge system includes our patent hinge, self lubricating polymer sleeve and engineered polyethylene bushings for maximum durability and a silent treatment.



Your Peace 

Bedroom above the garage door?

No problem.

Loud garage disturbing your house?

No problem.

Old hinge wearing down over time?

No problem.

Want to strengthen your old system?
We got you covered.



The Secret To Our Success

  • Near Silent Application 

  • Custom Made To Fit Your Door Application

  • Ability To Retro Fit To Most Garage Doors 

  • Miami-Dade County Hurricane Certified

  • Patented Technology Reduces Friction From All Moving Parts In Standard Hinges

Silence Is Golden

Silent. Simple. Effective.

Patent hinge system you can trust.

Simply The Best

Stealth Hardware Solutions hinge system fits nearly 99% of the garage doors on the market and is used by the industry's largest manufactures worldwide.


Join 10,000+ residents and manufactures who have made the switch to silent.

If you want to get rid of the rumble in the garage, then choose the SHS hinge system.


Hurricane Tested

The Strongest Hinges On The Market

  • Miami-Dade County Hurricane Certified

  • Withstand 150+ MPH Hurricane Strength Winds

  • Cycle Tested 15,000 Times, Showed Minimal Wear On Sleeve and Hinge