A Quiet Home

Is A Happy Home

Join 10,000+ residents who've converted their old noisy garage doors into corridors of quietness.


Listen to the sounds of silence.

 Our patent garage door hinges take the frustration out of door operation. Located in South Florida, we put our hinges through the most rigorous of tests known in the industry 
"Miami Dade".

 We cycle test our hinges over 100,000 times using a real door and motor and our hinges showed minimal wear on the silencer sleeve and hinge.

Our products will retrofit directly to most manufacture garage doors without any modifications as they use the original screw locations. 

Your blender is distracting and disturbing, your garage door doesn't have to be.

Does the rattling of the garage door wake up your household?
Does your garage door sound like it's on it's last leg?
Are you ready to have the quietest house on the block?


Our patented hinge technology will

help you regain your peace of mind.



New design builds off the standard hinge with 

patent technology that eliminates metal to metal contact while increasing strength.



Near silence, cutting noise by up to 40+dbs. Rendering this hinge solution to be silent, simple and effective. 



Built to withstand any weather elements, hot, cold, rain, snow, and even 200+ mph hurricanes.



Heavy duty & durable self-lubricating parts. Fits 90% of doors, without additional drilling or modification.

As Trusted By:

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"Not all hinges are created equal."

Allen Gutiereyes



"Once we saw the results from the tests, we knew we wanted to be on board with SHS and make their hinges apart of our product line for our customers."

Bob Miller, Haas Executive

Our 4 Step Plan

1. Order

Contact us to get the ball rolling. We take measurements for your door manufacture, model, year and intended application. 

2. Custom

We machine cut, triple measure and your product to ensure a perfect fit.

Our team of professionals will deliver and install our trusted hinges on your garage.

3. Install

4. Enjoy

Enjoy life without the  disturbing sounds coming from your garage area.